Vision and Values

St John's needs your help to determine its future Vision and Values for the next  5 years.

The diagram above shows how we see this fitting together.  Under our guiding principle - we are Here For You - we have our overall vision, what we want St John's to be by 2025.  In achieving that and in all we do, we want to be recognised for living by values which are important to us.  And we see there being six major areas in the life of St John's in which excellence will enable us to achieve our vision.  Like the pillars outside the church building, each of those supports St John's.   

But are we right?  We'd like your views. 

You may already have seen the consultation documents pinned up in church but if not, you can still help us virtually by providing your comments and suggestions. Any already-made contributions in church have been captured, but all further ones are most welcome.

Below you will see the eight concepts set out above.  Under 'Vision' and 'Values' we want to know if you agree with our proposals.  You can show us by agreeing, not agreeing and commenting.  You can tick as many as you like.

Then for each of the six major areas in the life of St John's, we've suggested things we should be doing, to demonstrate that we are really committed to that 'pillar'.  Some we are doing already.  We're sure you can suggest more.  But do you agree with the ones we have listed?  Again, you can tick as many as you like.

We would also really appreciate your own comments and suggestions. So if you have any, please fill in the text box. You can then simply submit your comments. It's that easy. Everything you send us helps us to define better how we can develop as a church and as resource for the wider community. 










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