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About us


St John’s aims to be an inclusive church.  We believe that Jesus calls us to welcome everyone, and to work tirelessly for a more just, fairer and safer world.  We work with the Robes Project to combat homelessness.  We are proud to offer a home to seven arts organisations including the Southbank Sinfonia and SE1 United.  We are committed to working with church and other groups to resist encroaching climate change.

Our worship is in the Anglican catholic tradition. Our congregation is made up of people from the UK, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Germany, the USA, Australia, Malaysia and many other places. We are strong supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement and want to be sure that everyone is heard and valued, reflecting God's love for all

We have LGBTI+ members, married people, single people, children and adults. We also offer a warm welcome to students currently studying in London.  We have a developing Junior Church, and above all, a strong community of local people and people who travel in to Waterloo.

A comment from one of our congregation:  ‘I love St John’s, because it’s the kind of church I think Jesus would be at home in.’

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The Revd Canon Giles Goddard

Giles’s book, Space for Grace – creating inclusive churches – was published by Canterbury Press in November 2008. He is an Honorary Canon of Southwark Cathedral and a member of the Church of England's Environment Group and General Synod. He set up InSpire, a centre for learning, arts and community at St Peter’s, Walworth, and has degrees in theology from Cambridge University and King’s College London. Before ordination he was Director of a housing association in South London.


Assistant Curate

The Revd Lisa Bewick


Assistant Priests

The Revd Georgie Bell

The Revd Godfrey Kaziro

The Revd Paul Smedley


Safeguarding Officers

Ester Kawoya

Terry McLeman 





The Revd Canon Giles Goddard


Lindy Taylor

Church wardens

Elaine Thomas                                               2020

Lindy Taylor                                                  2015


Elected members

Andrew Humphreys (Treasurer)                      2017

Pat Thomas (Secretary)                                   2020


Daisy Powell                                                   2016

Nicola Smedley                                               2016

Lizzy Peasley                                                  2017

Terry McLeman  (Deputy Warden)                   2018

Ken Hamilton                                                  2020

Faye Clinch (Deputy Warden)                           2020

Philippa Owen                                                 2020

Declan Dunford-Crozier                                  2020


Deanery synod representatives (three years)

Deborah Watkins

Liz Clarson 


Southwark Pastoral Auxiliary (SPA)                

Ida Serunjogi                            
Lay Reader                                

Ester Kawoya


Other licensed clergy attending                            

The Revd Godfrey Kaziro                        

The Revd Lisa Bewick               


Enabling Committee

The Revd Canon Giles Goddard (Incumbent)

Elaine Thomas (Churchwarden)

Lindy Taylor (Churchwarden)

The Revd Lisa Bewick (Curate) 

Andrew Humphries (Treasurer)

Pat Thomas (Secretary)

Joao Simoes Brown 

Lizzie Peasley 



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