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Column Inches

The Monthly Parish Magazine - Column Inches

Column Inches is our monthly magazine designed to keep St John's congregation up-to-date with things that are going on in the parish and among our wider local community. 

Column Inches has now moved to a blog. 

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Welcome to the December edition of Column Inches. This month our theme is Hope.  

Hope – a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.  The 25th looks a promising date!

Very relevant in many ways as Christmas approaches – so many hopes in so many hearts. But we also think of and pray for those for whom Christmas is not as happy as they would hope.

Hope – a crucial inspiration as we work to stop climate crisis.  We hear of the work of faith leaders at the Glasgow COP26 summit.

Members of the congregation tell us how Christmas is celebrated around the world.  Also discover what people would like for Christmas – a wide-ranging response!

Find out as well what is happening in the Parish.

We wish all readers a blessed, peaceful and joyful Christmas, filled with love, faith – and hope for all our futures and the future of the world

We are always on the lookout for articles, comments, or ideas for future editions. If you have any suggestions or contributions, or would be interested in joining the small editorial team, please email admin@stjohnswaterloo.org


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