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Covid-19 Resources

Here for you

We hope that this page can act as an essential resource to keep you updated with the work St John's continues to do to be here for you during these uncertain and challenging times . Below you will find an evolving range of information about our work, useful community information, guidelines, volunteering opportunities and general updates.

National Lockdown 4th January

We are grateful to Richmond Pharmacology for making emergency testing available to St John's. 

Richmond Pharmacology continue to support the local community through the provision of COVID Tests for those with symptoms who are unable to get a test quickly through the NHS, or where testing enables safe (pastoral) care of other people.  

10 tests will be available on a given day and testing will occur as follows

Mon-Fri         17:00 – 18:30

Saturday       11:00 – 12:30

Location: 1A Newcomen Street, London SE1 1YR

For further information or if you need to book a test, click here


Can you support us during the COVID-19 crisis? We are facing a very challenging financial situation as most of our income from lettings and bookings has stopped, and our weekly collections are reduced as we cannot hold services in the church. Can you make a donation or set up or increase your standing order to help us continue to be here for you?  One-off donations can be made here. To set up a standing order, our bank details are here


St John's Services

From Sunday 3rd  January,  worship is in church at 9 a.m. and 10.30 a.m. every Sunday as well as virtually. You're very welcome, either in person or online. We encourage you to join us online rather than in church. 

Our Services are still all live-streamed. It's easy to watch and take part, just click here to go to our Virtual Services Page.

Now that the church has re-opened you can be assured that we are following  Government guidelines so we can offer a safe and sanitised space for worship for all, We also ask that you please read our Covid-19 guidelines for the congregation here before you attend a service in the church. Thank you!

St John's weekly Newsletter

In these extraordinary and challenging times we thought it would be good to more regularly share some of the ways in which St John's and Waterloo Festival are still very much here for you. If you would like to read the latest newsletter click here. You can ensure you never miss a copy by subscribing.

Column Inches

Our monthly Parish Magazine Column Inches also continues, now in digital format. You can find it here

Vicar's blog

If you haven't seen it already, Revd Canon Giles Goddard and Revd Lisa Bewick have been publishing a blog which combines a bit of theology with their own reactions to the pandemic, prayers, poems and practical suggestions for supporting each other. If you would like to receive the blog direct to your inbox then please subscribe via the Vicar’s Blog. 

St John's WhatApp group

St John's has a growing and active WhatsApp group. If you would like to join please email lisa@stjohnswaterloo.org

St John's Social Media

The quickest way to check all our news as it happens is via  Facebook and Twitter

Waterloo Festival 

This year's annual Waterloo Festival will be slightly different... The 'Virtual' Festival will link people together around an active hub of creative content featuring local artists and stories, podcasts and other projects which celebrate our community, help us get to know each other better, and support us though unprecendented times. Find out more here

South Bank and Waterloo Neighbours (SOWN)

SOWN is an excellent source of information about everything that is happening in the the South Bank and Waterloo areas; from online drama, music and film, to community information - details of food deliveries and take aways, to essential council and Foodbank information. You can read the latest Newsletter here 

Applying for benefits and dealing with money problems

Our freinds at  West London Mission (WLM) St Luke's have compiled an excellent information guide and some detailed budget sheets (downloadable here in Word and Excel formats) and a debt table to help people sort out money problems, cut costs and apply for benefits. There's some specific Lambeth and Southwark information, but also plenty of general links and tips. 


Foodbanks are now working on deliveries only. They are supporting far more people than usual and need our help. Here are some suggestions from Rebekah Gibson the Foodbank Coordinator:


I know many of you are feeling frustrated not to be able to be involved, so I thought I would suggest a couple of things that we would really appreciate. -       


Organise a neighbourhood food collection. I will email more details if you are interested, but many people are organising (distanced) food collections on their street/in their block. If it's a reasonable collection, we can arrange to have it picked up, so this shouldn't be a problem. We could also provide crates, publicity material etc.  We have had to purchase quite a large amount of food, and have also been having 2 tonnes donated direct from Tesco each week at the moment, but this is likely to stop, so we need to get creative and up our public donations again. 


-       Use community networks/sharing on social media to advertise our food donation points in supermarkets and our fundraising page.   

-       If you don't already, follow us on social media @WaterlooFB on Twitter and Instagram,  /waterloofoodbank on Facebook. 


The more engagement we have, the more posts will draw the attention of possible donors/supporters etc, so do like/retweet/share the content if possible.


Foodbank and Look Ahead...St John's to be neighbourhood collection point for both


On Wednesdays 2-5pm, St John's will be open for drop-off only of non-perishable food for Waterloo Foodbank and non-food items for Look Ahead. Volunteers needed! 


In just six weeks, Waterloo Foodbank https://www.facebook.com/waterloofoodbank made home deliveries of emergency food to 4,200 people, an indicator of the scale of current need. During lockdown, St John's is offering to be a non-perishable food-only collection point for the organisers until St John's Foodbank reopens, probably at the end of July.  Details from Joao Simoes-Brown (joaosimoesbrown@googlemail.com) and Giles (giles@stjohnswaterloo.org).


Look Ahead https://www.lookahead.org.uk/ is now providing safe shelter in Waterloo for up to 130 people who have recently become homeless, particularly those who worked in hospitality and the "gig economy" but have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Lambeth North Deanery is supporting the initiative through Together Southwark.  St John's has offered to be a non-food collection point (a partnership has been secured for meal provision).  Required: personal hygiene items, underwear, clothes (male and female all sizes), books, magazines, jigsaws, colouring pens, pencils and paper. 

Well being and mental health

If you or someone you know is struggling with this very challenging situation, here is an excellent and extensive list of online resources to help with wellbeing and mental health. A great starting point to make sense of what many of us are currently feeling is this article - hbr.org/2020/03/that-discomfort-youre-feeling-is-grief. Lambeth Together also have up-to-date news on local mental health services here

If you are fortunate enough to have a garden, or have a window box, or simply want to help feed our feathered friends during the lockdown, then click here to read  St John's Community gardener, Viv Williamson's top gardening tips for Spring .

If you are still not able to get out you can visit our growing Lockdown gallery. If you have any images that you would like added please email Giles or Steven with your photographs attached. 

Arts and Culture Resources 

ArtsProfessional - Covid Culture magazine. Resources, ideas and virtual events for the arts sector

The audience agency COVID-19 Resource Hub.  Working with the Arts Coucils of England and Wales, as well as Creative Scotland to develop joined up sector suport and development for the Arts.

Finally, If you are aware of anyone who has any needs, or if you yourself would like anything - a chat, some shopping, some prayer, anything - do please get in touch with Giles (giles@stjohnswaterloo.org) or Lisa (lisa@stjohnswaterloo.organd they will respond quickly either themselves or by asking someone who might be able to help. 

and finally, finally..... Can we suggest a really good way that you can continue to make a difference to the world, even while we are all stuck indoors? The carbon impact of all the internet searches etc. that we are doing is huge. One way of reducing that is by changing your search engine to Ecosia, instead of Google or Chrome or Safari. Ecosia uses their ad revenue to plant trees where they are needed most. So far they have planted, according to the website, 88m trees. It's worth making the change and making a tiny difference! 

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