Virtual Services - videos

Bible Sunday 25th October - Given by Georgiana Bell



Sermon for Sunday 18th October - Given by Canon Giles Goddard


The Sower - Sermon given by Canon Duncan Dormer on 12th July


My yoke is easy, and my burden is light - Sermon for 5th July - given by Canon Giles Goddard


Angels and Demons - Sermon given by Canon Giles Goddard - 28th June



Sermon given by Revd Waldemar Pisarski - 21st June 




Sermon for Trinity Sunday - Revd Lisa Bewick









Sermon for Easter Sunday by Canon Duncan Dormer  


Dawn Liturgy for Easter Day (brief excerpt)


Below is the Passion Gospel from Palm Sunday - 5 Apr. Click on the image to view.




Here is the Service from Passion Sunday 29 March. Click on the image to view.

If you'd rather not watch the whole thing, the readings from Ezekiel and John's Gospel are at 07.17, the sermon - 'Jesus began to weep'  is at 19.02, the intercessions are at 30.06 and the notices - do watch the notices, they are rather lovely, bringing in people from all over the world - are at 55.24.


Here is the Gospel and Sermon from Mothering Sunday 22 March:

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