Digital skills have become vitally important, both to individuals and to society as a whole. There are now 1.64 million digital tech jobs in the UK, and the sector is creating jobs twice as quickly as the non-digital sector.  These jobs tend to be highly skilled and well paid, contributing to the productivity and growth of the wider economy.

Every summer, as part of its Bridge at Waterloo community project, St John’s runs Digital Futures, a four-week boot camp for a small group of Lambeth residents. The course is designed to equip them with the latest coding and tech skills.

Both fast-paced and accessible, Digital Futures aims to prepare students for the world of working in a tech environment, whether as part of a digital start-up or within the tech division of a more traditional business or organisation.

Our trainers come from the very top of their fields, and the classes also cover jobs skills, such as CV-writing, time- management and interview technique. 

The one-month course culminates every summer in a performance in front of an audience. Read about Digital Futures 2017.

Digital Futures 2017 from Alice Underwood Films on Vimeo.

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