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Rooms at St John's

St John's is open for bookings. If your company is giving up its offices but needs somewhere for weekly, fortnightly or monthly team meetings, we'd be delighted to give you a new home. Or if you're looking for a one-off venue hire, we have large and small spaces, perfect for socially distanced meetings, rehearsals, exercise classes and workshops. 

We now have super-fast broadband at St John's, so it is excellent for virtual as well as real-life and hybrid events. 

St John's is right next to Waterloo Station and has a beautiful churchyard garden that you are welcome to enjoy when you're with us.



Southbank Sinfonia 2020







*All Images: Eleanor Bentall 2019/20 (unless indicated otherwise)


To  view the PDF room brochures for St John's with full room details click on the relevant image below:


             St John's Rooms Brochure                          New Rooms*                                             Current Prices


                                                                         (*Feibusch room no longer available)

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