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Contact Groups

At St John's, Waterloo we subdivide the church congregation into smaller groups to help build up God’s people through taking shared responsibility, developing personal confidence, enjoying fellowship with each other, fostering personal spiritual development, and “looking out” for each other.

We have six Contact Groups formed from the Sunday 10.30am congregation, with a seventh group formed from the 9.00am congregation, all of them named after saints and apostles, with the membership of each group reflecting an equal balance of age, gender and ethnicity wherever possible.  Each Contact Group has two leaders: the Contact Leader is responsible for ensuring that the contact details of every member of the group is kept up-to-date and for arranging helpers for Sunday morning; the Pastoral Leader is responsible for offering pastoral care and support for those members of the group who wish it, ensuring that those who don’t are not made to feel uncomfortable as a result.

Please click here for the details of the current membership of each group,  here for the current rota showing which Contact Group is on duty each Sunday, and here for the details of the duties they should undertake.  Please also click here for the current rota of Readers and Intercessors for the 10.30am Sunday service, drawn from the Contact Groups.

If you are not in a Contact Group but would like to be, please let the Parish Office know admin@stjohnswaterloo.org



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