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Around the Globe Concert Series: New Sounds and Classics

Around the Globe Concert Series: New Sounds and Classics
Friday, 31 May 2019 19:30 - 21:30
St John's Church

At the door £20; Advanced tickets via EVENBRITE £18

Concessions £15

AGMA members £12 Students £5 (ID required)

For more info contact the organiser: agmusicandarts@gmail.com

The concert embraces a Ukrainian, Serbian, English and Russian classical and modern repertoire performed by award winning artists including opera singer Alla Kravchuk (soprano), Marina Petrov (piano) and Milos Milivojević (accordion). They will take you on a journey from Tchaikovsky and Quilter to Prokofiev's beautiful songs, towards the lesser known works of composers such as Stepovy, Vlasov, Babić, Milanković and Schnittke. It will be an exciting opportunity to hear ensembles with unique arrangements for voice, piano and accordion, as well as rarely performed vocal works and solo instrumentals from these esteemed musicians.



Alla Kravchuk (soprano) www.allakravchuk.com

Marina Petrov (piano) www.marinapetrov.co.uk

Milos Milivjojević (accordion) milosmilivojevic.com/site/





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