At the heart of the city...

At the heart of the city...
Published on Sun, 13 Sep 2020 14:47
Vicar's Blog

Dear all 

The picture above was sent to us by HighLevel, a drone photography company. It's a good pic, I think, of St John's at the heart of the city - here for you. 

So, to confirm: public worship is unaffected by the Government's announcement this week. Our worship tomorrow will go ahead online and in church as usual. You will be required to wear a mask indoors. Ulrike has kindly offered testing facilities to all who will be speaking or singing from the front. That means we can be reasonably confident that people who remove their masks are not COVID positive, to reduce the risk of aerosol transmission. Thank you to Ulrike, and all at Richmond Pharmacology, for making this possible. 

But the Christian Aid picnic planned for Monday has been cancelled, sadly. 

Mark is about to cast the Murder Mystery, which will be presented on Zoom on Saturday 26th Sept at 7pm. If you've always wanted to act, or if you've acted a thousand times - don't miss this chance! Contact Markforthwith! The rehearsal will be on Tuesday 22nd Sept in the evening. 

Nancy and Richard Turnbull have attended the church on numerous occasions to sell their Zaytoun Palestinian products.  They received the following email from Najla in Bethlehem who runs a multi-faith women's embroidery co-operative from which the embroidery they sell comes.


dear Nancy

hope you are fine and good

how is things going with you long time we did not email each other hope you are good and safe from the covid we all fine thank God i have lot embroidry and i want to sell it so as to give the ladies money you know we have very bad situwation no work no tourit coming all factories of olive wood close and all the sovoners also so if you  want to order some thing you can sell it round x-mass to friends i send to parcel to scotland to help us with selling it will be very help for our ladies with my best wishes to you take care and be safe love najla


If you would like to buy some of the cooperatives products you can do so directly from their website here   You can email her at Najla Azar  She charges the postage which has never been excessive and extremely reliable - you pay by transfer to her son in Ireland. Alternatively, look on the website and let Nancy know at what you would like and she will co-ordinate an order and drop it to the church.  You can also order a wide variety of Palestinian products, including some of Najla's embroidery,  from a non-profit shop in Edinburgh.     Happy Christmas shopping!

I'm delighted too that some events are starting to happen in church again. If you came to Blind Spot in the park last week - or if you didn't - come to their lunchtime concert on Friday at 1pm. Further details below. 


With love, and I hope to see you tomorrow, 


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