Shared meals and other delights

Shared meals and other delights
Published on Thu, 27 Aug 2020 13:40
Vicar's Blog

Dear all

It was very good to see so many of you on Sunday, and  also at the Rule of Life evening on Monday. 

We have now bought a new microphone for Zoom which seems to work well, so I hope that Sunday's service will be audible to you all wherever you are! 

Thanks too for the careful observing of social distancing on Sunday mornings. We are hoping to gradually increase the music, and I will be writing to you next week about additional precautions we're proposing for people reading, singing or interceding. I am glad that we are managing to worship in this new hybrid way and hope that it is working, so that we are Here for You... 

I'm glad too that we have revamped our employment course to respond to COVID. It's now called Here for Work. It is a one day workshop that will equip all participants with the core skills needed to find lasting, tangible employment. Daniel Gregory, our Programme Manager, says  "Our workshop extensively covers the areas that employers have identified as 'Needing improvement' in unsuccessful candidates, alongside fantastic insights into resilience. It takes each participant through a personal journey from CV Writing, Job Sourcing, Interview Techniques and Integrating into a new environment. We also offer each candidate personalised mentoring support once the workshop has concluded. 

Our pilot has demonstrated fantastic results with over 96% of attendees finding and remaining in work within one month of their engagement and we pride ourselves on being able to help everyone in some capacity. It would be amazing if you could please forward this information throughout your network to anyone you know who may benefit from taking part."

To take part, or if you know anyone who might like to take part, or to find out more please click on the link below or here

As I mentioned on Sunday, we are being encouraged to host a meal for Christian Aid. Jenny O'Neill is coordinating this; she says

Can you arrange a meal, anytime between SEPTEMBER 12th and 26th, lunch or supper, out of doors either in your garden or by having a picnic in a local park, for up to 3 of your friends?

6 easy steps to take:-

(a) Make it special, if simple (b) Get 1 of your guests to help carry everything out of doors if necessary (c) If weather is inclement, negotiate another date within the 2 weeks (d) Ask each guest to make a contribution to Christian Aid for the meal - ideally £15 (or more) (e) If you are enthused, host another meal in the other week, or be the guest of another host, or all bring your own food. BE CREATIVE!
 (f) Pay in  money you have raised via the  Justgiving link to follow, or via a cheque made out to Christian Aid, and sent to Rodney Ovenden, 4 Cleaver Square, London SE11 4DW

I think this is a great idea! Could you let me or Jenny know if you're planning to host a meal? 

Thanks to everyone who completed the Doodle poll for readers and intercessors. The new rota will be out very soon. 

Tonight, Face to Faith meets online at 7pm. This is the occasional group for people aged 20ish - 40ish. I will be leading a discussion on Praying With the Psalms. If you'd like to join, please email me and I'll send you the link. 

Finally, I came across this prayer recently, which has really stayed with me. 

O Holy Spirit, giver of light and life, 

impart to us thoughts better than our own thoughts, 

and prayers better than our own prayers, 

and powers better than our own powers, 

that we may spend and be spent 

in the ways of love and goodness, 

after the perfect image 

of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen. 

See you soon, and this comes, as ever, with my love and prayers, 


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