Christ is Risen!

Published on Sun, 12 Apr 2020 09:28
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Dear all

Christ is Risen! Alleluia!  

We may be in the middle of a global pandemic but the Dawn Liturgy continues... At 6 this morning we lit the Easter Fire and from that, the Paschal Candle: we bore it into a darkened house and sang 'The Light of Christ'. The congregation was very present in all your different houses around London and around the world. We renewed our baptismal vows: 

Those who are baptised are called to worship and serve God. 

Will you continue in the apostles' teaching and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in the prayers? 

With the help of God, I will. 

Will you seek and serve Christ in all people, loving your neighbour as yourself? 

With the help of God, I will. 

Will you acknowledge Christ's authority over human society, by prayer for the world and its leaders, by defending the weak, and by seeking peace and justice? 

With the help of God, I will. 

After the service, there was a mutual online popping of corks. It was a shared moment of hope and love, as the sun came up over Waterloo and we celebrated, once again, the infinite mystery of the Resurrection. 

I give thanks, and there is so much to give thanks for. 

For the candles shining in the darkness, as the Queen so memorably reminded us last night. For the constant renewal and hope in the story of Holy Week. For the inexhaustible love of God, expressed in Jesus Christ, for all people, everywhere. 

For one another as we share in this hope, together. For the return of members of our congregation from their sickbeds. For the hard work and commitment of so many who are supporting each other, patients, vulnerable people, friends and members of their families. And for every member of this congregation, who are each in their own ways helping, with God's love, to share in this renewed spirit of light in the darkness. 

Lisa  and I are both taking time off next week so these emails will be less regular. But Morning Prayer and Coffee and Chat will continue, under Georgie's care. Do please help to fill our as yet unpopulated gallery of Lockdown Photos by sending in pics. And, if you would like to, don't forget to make an Easter Offering to St John's - and thanks to all who have done that already. 

I hope that, in spite of everything, you will have a good week, undergirded by the certainty that we are held in the arms of infinite Love. This poem, to finish with, sent by Georgie. 


Edmund Spenser

Most glorious Lord of life, that on this day, 

Didst make thy triumph over death and sin:

And having harrowed hell, didst bring away

Captivity thence captive us to win:

This joyous day, dear Lord, with joy begin,

And grant that we, for whom thou didst dye,

Being with thy dear blood clean washed from sin,

May life for ever in felicity.

And that thy love, we weighing worthily,

May likewise love thee for the same again:

And for thy sake that all like dear didst buy,

With love may one another entertain.

      So let us love, dear love, like as we ought

      Love is the lesson which the Lord us taught.

Thank you, all, and Happy Easter! 

Christ is Risen!  

He is risen indeed! Alleluia! 

With my love and prayers


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