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Rescuing 'The Crucifixion'

Rescuing 'The Crucifixion'
Published on Tue, 19 Nov 2019 19:32

It looks beautiful—but did you know it could also be crumbling? 

The Crucifixion, the large wall-painting by German muralist Hans Feibusch, which hangs behind the altar at St John’s, needs urgent repair. In October this year, art conservationists Tobit Curteis and Fiona Henderson visited the church to analyse the work, and were surprised to find it was painted on plaster barely 13mm thick. They also found ongoing flaking and loss, caused by drafts of air coming through the window. Urgent action is needed to improve the heat insulation behind the work, and prevent further decay. 

Hans Feibusch, a Jewish refugee who fled to England from Nazi Germany, painted the mural in 1951. He became known for church murals with a richly Expressionist use of colour, and created works for 30 Anglican churches. 

Repairing and protecting the painting will cost in the region of £60,000. In November the Heritage of London Trust generously agreed to fund £10,000 towards the wall painting - an important first step in rescuing this work of national significance.


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