A barn-storming start to 2019

Published on Mon, 7 Jan 2019 19:18

“I went to a Ceilidh tonight at @stjohnswaterloo, and I can honestly say it was a night of pure joy!! Still beaming. So much love!”

 This was just one of the appreciative messages about the Twelfth Night Ceilidh at St John’s Waterloo, organised to raise money for Reignite 2021. Held on Friday January 4th, just as Londoners were girding their loins before plunging into the first week back at work, the Scottish barn dance was a sell-out. More than 120 revellers poured into the main hall at St John’s, ready to kick back to the tunes of musicians and caller RR Ceilidh band.

“The great thing about events like Ceilidhs is that they feel incredibly inclusive,” said Nicola Smedley, Chair of Environment & Social Justice Group at St John's. "Everyone can have a go, and no one minds if you're any good or a total beginner."

The event raised over £2,000 for Reignite 2021.

Reignite 2021 aims to renovate St John’s Waterloo, creating a hub for employment courses, workspace for start-ups and orchestras, a home for Waterloo Festival and a heritage project dedicated to the area of Waterloo.

“We are thrilled with this super start to 2019,” said Canon Giles Goddard, vicar of St John’s. “This is the beginning of a really exciting year, as we Reignite 2021 takes off with many amazing events lined up, not least the Waterloo Festival in June.”

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