What's in the Time Capsule?

Published on Wed, 14 Nov 2018 11:46

At 7pm on November 15th2018, near the grounds of its newly restored forecourt, St John’s Waterloo will bury a unique TIME CAPSULE. The box, filled with a handful of carefully selected objects, will capture the zeitgeist of the age for future generations to uncover and explore. 
In burying the Time Capsule, St John’s also plants hopes and visions for our future, in an age of tumult and uncertainty. 
Chief among those visions is our mission to renew by 2021, St John’s, London’s much-loved Festival Church. The Reignite 2021 campaign, launched as the Time Capsule is buried, aims to renovate and reignite  this landmark building. We want to make St John's Waterloo primed and ready to serve this busy spot in London far into the future! You can read about the Reignite 2021.

  • Plans for REIGNITE 2021, Renewing London’s Festival Church!
  • St John’s Waterloo Vision Statement
  • Annual Paris Council Meeting Reports, 2018-11-05 
  • The Bridge at Waterloo Employment courses flyers
  • Column Inches, the parish magazine, November issue
  • Electoral Roll for the Parish of St John’s Waterloo 2018
  • Service Sheet November 11th2018
  • The Times & The Observer leader columns, November 11th2018
  • The history of Szerelmey, specialist stone contractors since 1855
  • Concert programme for Southbank Sinfonia, resident orchestra at St John’s Waterloo
  • A set of UK postage stamps from 2018
  • Cost of living summary (price of a loaf of bread, pint of milk)
  • An oyster travel card from London Transport
  • A poppy
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