Planting a wildlife garden

Published on Mon, 10 Sep 2018 11:53

There's a back-to-school vigour in the air at St John's Waterloo, as Autumn ushers in new beginnings. 

In the churchyard especially, excitement prevails. Senior Community Gardener Viv Williamson plans to transform a neglected patch of the churchyard at St John’s Waterloo into a thriving wildlife garden.  

This area of the churchyard sits on the site of a former concrete playground, making the ground quite a challenge to work on. Viv and her team of volunteers, including helpers from Roots & Shoots, will be digging the area over, breaking up the subsoil, digging in sharp sand, laying slabs and then planting amongst the slabs. 

Among the plantings will be nectar-rich flowers and plants with seeds, all of which will attract insect and bird life. The wildlife garden is planned to launch next spring, in time for the 2019 Waterloo Festival!

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